On My Radar #4

I have fallen in love…with a webseries.

Anarkali explores what it means to be an immigrant, to be the other, and to live in the diaspora. The humor, mirth, and heartbreak that comes out of this series is breathtaking, and you should stop what you are doing and definitely go watch the whole series right now.

Check out the new Fun Home set with this awesome model. This is how the set will look on the tour, and I am making it my mission to go see the show in full while it’s on tour.

I also spent half the week tracking down whether the Tuck Everlasting musical was going on tour(it isn’t), and confusing it with the Finding Neverland tour…which are not the same thing. So here is Good Girl Winnie Foster. Just because.

That’s all for this week. A light week because work has been kind of intense.

Thank you, as always for reading.


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