The Hum

Have you seen Shonda Rhimes Ted Talk? Okay, go watch it, and come back!

Rhimes talks in the talk about losing her Hum. The buzz within her that makes it so she can do all the things she wants to and needs to do. It’s part of her calm, her identity, how she exists in the world. And losing it meant she had to find a way to bring it back.

I think the Hum is something I feel. I have never felt it for writing. Writing has always been a jolt of inspiration followed by a slog of work. What has given me the Hum in the past has filled me up for a while, but I never quite have been able to catch that feeling again.

And I have felt it before with what I currently do. But what I currently do isn’t filling me with the Hum anymore either. I still like my work, I still enjoy it. But I think chasing the hum shouldn’t be my priority. If it is, I won’t have the opportunities to experience life.

Because sometimes for me, life is work. I work a lot, all my friends are through work, and I enjoy the work I do. But I can’t make work my whole life. I cannot only be sustained by work, because when it is gone, there isn’t anything left.

I am still figuring things out. I still have a ways to go. But in the mean time, I am not chasing the Hum. I am waiting for it to chase me.

As always, thank you for reading. What did you think of Rhimes talk?


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