On My Radar #5

This week has been filled with lots of pop culture love and fun things to read, so let’s get into it.

I’ve talked a lot about happiness and mindfulness recently, but what about the opposite? Happiness is supposed to make us well, happy, but for many, the quest toward happiness brings waves of anxiety. In America the Anxious,¬†author Ruth Whippman explores the cultural shift toward happiness, and why it’s making us miserable. You can check out her interview on her book here.

Broadway isn’t always a bastion of diversity, and this article talks about the need for more South Asian actors to be involved.

Fun Home has a brand new touring cast as it embarks on a year long tour. I had the chance to see the play concert style, and loved it so much, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing those characters. But, after this NY Times article on Kate Shindle, who will be playing Big Alison for the tour, I’m pretty excited about¬†the tour.

Carmilla is getting a movie. I repeat, the little webseries that could is getting a MOVIE! I’m so happy about this. I have loved Carmilla for so long, and even recapped all of season two on The Rainbow Hub. Can you tell I’m pumped? I am so, so pumped for this.

That’s been what’s been on my radar this week. What’s been on your radar? Let me know in a comment below. Thank you, as always, for reading.


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