Creative Exhaustion

For the last two months, I have blogged every Sunday, and every Sunday, I have enjoyed it. I love the challenge of blogging, finding the perfect picture, sharing my work on social media and being the proud owner of a blog. But the last couple days have been rough personally and professionally, and that has resulted in a level of creative exhaustion I don’t usually experience.

Creative exhaustion, burn out, just being sheer tired is nothing new to me. I’m not always tired and busy, and I dislike talking about being tired and busy because that doesn’t help anyone. But I am genuinely tired. I am too tired to have done the research and come up with a blog post this week. I am to tired to have written this in advance. I am too tired after a week of feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck to give this any serious thought. But I’m here, doing it anyway.

I have been here before. I spent most of 2016 not working on any creative projects. The end of a relationships, having 3 different jobs throughout the year, and just a genuinely rough end to the year did not bode well for being creatively driven.

I’m supposed to be happy right now. I love my jobs, I love my partner, but by the end of the day, I have nothing to pour back out. I wake up in the morning and pound out work for either job, and what little energy I have left, I spend with people I love. But I want to finish my book.

I have a plan for the next week to really bring myself back together and nip this creative exhaustion in the bud:

  1. Get enough sleep. When I’m not sleeping much, I tend to get less done, not more.
  2. Go to the gym. When I work out, I have more energy, and don’t feel guilty about not going to the gym.
  3. Eat actual food. The last several weeks have found me drinking lots of coffee and eating cup of noodle and not actually eating vegetables.
  4. Designate one hour for creativity every day. My days are already quite full, but I deserve to give my book just as much time as my jobs, because I want that to be a job.

I have to take care of myself to produce actual work, and designating time for work is going to be critical moving forward. I am hoping taking care of myself mentally will impact how I out pour, and next week(or the week after). I’ll check in and talk about this reset.

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