All the Words I Wrote in 2020

I’ve wanted to sit down and calculate the amount of words I wrote outside of work over the last year, in part because I had the sneaking suspicion that I was indeed doing plenty of writing. However, it felt because I wasn’t writing for my blog or focusing on my book, that I wasn’t being productive, so let’s do a breakdown:

Let’s start with work. My job involves a ton of applications that need to be filled out on deadline, so during my work week, I write quite a bit.

Outside of my work hours, I am attending graduate school, as I mentioned in my last post. In pursuing this degree, my ideas are transferred through paper after paper, so let me break that down:

Spring 2020-1 class, 20,668 words written

Summer 2020, 1 class, 8,326 words written

Fall 2020, 2 classes, 24,445 words written

Bringing the total number of words written up to 53,439. Whew, no wonder I didn’t want to spend my free time writing. Obviously, into the new year, I am going to work through 5 classes, and will surely write more with 5 classes than 4, but I am hoping with my goal of writing for thirty minutes a day, I’ll be able to make progress both here, as well as on my personal projects.

I also have been trying to re-write the novel I have been attempting to work on for a while, and wrote about 5000 words of that.

I wanted to document this because as 2020 drew to a close, I felt like I hadn’t accomplished a lot. Of course, so many people have felt this way, with the anxiety and uncertainty of the pandemic. All things considered, I’ve had it easy, but it is still nice to document progress.

What projects did you work on last year? What are you working on in 2021? Let me know in a comment below.



Photo Credit: Pexels

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