Check your “Send To”

Remember the time I sent a squeely recommendation to an internet friend?

“Anna” was an internet friend I had met on Tumblr, who I then friended on Facebook because it was easier to friends. I was also friends with “Aaron.” Aaron was a work contact who I had friended the semester after I had interned in the state legislature. Aaron was the lead researcher for legislation for democrat state senators. Aaron was rather important, whose work continues to be well respected.

At the time, Carmilla was debuting its second season, and I was desperate to enage a friend to squeel over it about. I drafted a message to Anna, expousing how fun the lesbian vampire series was, how Elise and Natasha, the lead actresses had great chemistry, and how she should watch the show with me.

And instead of sending it to Anna. I sent this message to Aaron.

Needless to say, I don’t talk to either anymore.


1 thought on “Check your “Send To””

  1. With me it was having two chat windows open, one with a friend and one with a guy I was dating. Hilarity (in retrospect) ensued. Very relatable post, Mehek!

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