I have a weird publishing history. I have always wanted to write and have that be my job, but as I have grown older I have become a bit more realistic. However, I love writing and am happy to do so and work with small publications.

I worked for a publication called Rude girl for a good chunk on the begining of 2013. This online magazine was aimed at women of color. I loved working with that team, and I even got to write a letter of recommendation for someone so they could get another job after that one. 

I also worked for the Political Voice(a university publication) for a while during 2013. While fun, doing research for it was rather boring as I didn’t necessarily get to choose what I got to write. 

And now I have been hired on to write for Videshi Magazine, an online publication for South Asian women. I am really excited to work with them, as I am trying to connect with my culture and hopefully this will be a great start on that road. 

I will link my articles that I write for them when they are published because I obviously want people to read them.

Anyways, just a brief update. I hope everyone is having a good week 🙂



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