How to be a Better Writer

I am aware that I am not an expert, nor am I extensively published(you can check out my published work at However, I do have tips on how to be better at what you do, whether it’s for class or for your work of fiction, so lets get started.

  1. Outline. Outlining your work allows for a concrete path by which your story moves. A building is not built by someone saying, “hey, lets just stack bricks and see where this goes!” That’s not how life works. However, outlining gives you a tool in creating your story that lets you flesh out. Also, this allows you to flesh out little bits and edit into the future. I like to write in order, but as someone who feels that stories are just a series of every day events, sometimes I’ll think of something and add it to my outline. And you don’t have to outline your whole story at once. Fill in pieces when they come to you.
  2. Research! We went over this last post but oh god, research is so important. If you have a character that is Buddhist, and you know nothing about Buddhism, then looking it up, talking to people, and doing a little bit of research will make your characters so much more complex than they otherwise would be.
  3. Create a routine. I tend to write right after work. I get home, change into pajamas, make myself some tea and pound out what I can. I disconnect the internet because I get distracted easily. This is my routine, and it works for me, but other stuff might work for you. Whatever it is, do it.
  4. Consume other media. Read books, watch movies, and consume things like your book. For example, my main character is an African American teenage girl, so I have been looking into more films that have African American women as lead characters. This can help with research to create a more organic structure. It also exposes you to flaws and stereotypes which you can learn to avoid by consuming a lot of media.
  5. Wait to edit. Your unedited manuscript is going to have a lot of crap in it. Unnecessary dialogue, points that don’t move the plot forward, whole chapters that are outright horrible. This is perfectly okay. However, you don’t know what’s going to be important until it’s all written out, so wait to edit.
  6. Be patient. It is okay to not want to write some days. It is really okay. You are allowed to take breaks, to hang out with friends, to go outside and to be yourself because writing should not be this all consuming thing. Having fun will make this a more enjoyable process.
  7. Blog. Blogging is a micro way that you can get your thoughts out and have a place to express your feelings. Write about things that make you happy. If you read books and that is something you want to talk about with people, do that! Blog about something that you love. It is amazing practice in formulating your thoughts and opinions and builds an awesome community!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helped someone out! What are your tips on being a better writer? Let me know in the comments below!



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