Mehek does ‘Bama

I have never, ever had a desire to visit Alabama. The state never held any real appeal to me, and I never thought I would spend time there. However, certain events in my life have led me to visiting the state, and I must say, at least from what I saw, it was beautiful

I arrived on a Thursday night exhausted after an 8 hour ride on a bus to Atlanta. It was the closest bus to where I was visiting, and my girlfriend was picking me up. She presented me with a beautiful bouquet of purple assorted flowers, and I melted.

We drove, stopping at a Waffle House on the way. It was there that I told her I loved her for the first time, and we laughed, because of course we would exchange “I love you’s” in a Waffle House.

I met her friends. Her kind, amazing friends, who were warm and welcoming.

She took me to this beautiful nature reserve, where we sat on a rock, cuddling, laughing, watching the waterfall and enjoying each others company


But, as many things have to, the magic couldn’t go on forever, and eventually, I had to get back on a bus in Atlanta to spend 8 hours listening to audio books and missing a woman I had seen hours before.

I am not one to get terribly sentimental about places. You keep moving, because the second you stand still, you can lose yourself. But I treasure the memories of stillness with her there.

Have you visited Alabama? What were your thoughts on it?



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