Gluten Free in Paris

Let’s go back to the beginning. In February of last year, barely a week after my girlfriend had asked me officially to be hers, she asked if I’d like to Paris sometime in October. And I was skeptical. I’d barely been seriously theirs for a week and here they were asking if I wanted to go to Paris. “I’ve always wanted to take a girl to Paris,” she said, and my heart melted. So that’s how I spent 5 days last October walking between tourist destinations and eating my way through the city of love.

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Three Days in La Jolla, California

My new jobs central operation is out of California, so this past week, I spent a few days out on the west coast with my work team. While I won’t detail for you here the work related meetings and training, I do want to write a bit about what we did, and how lovely it was to be by right on the Pacific Ocean.

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A Year of Accomplishments: 2016

Dear Reader, I have never done one of these before. But this has been a weird year. The election, as with every election cycle, took hold of my life, and in times of sorrow, it can be genuinely difficult to look at your own accomplishments and celebrate them. But I want to celebrate this year, and all the good bits of it.

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