Three Days in La Jolla, California

My new jobs central operation is out of California, so this past week, I spent a few days out on the west coast with my work team. While I won’t detail for you here the work related meetings and training, I do want to write a bit about what we did, and how lovely it was to be by right on the Pacific Ocean.

We flew in way too early on Tuesday, May 9th, and with my boss and coworker off to a meeting, I found myself and my other coworker with plenty of time to explore. Our hotel was right in the middle of Old Town, San Diego, and within walking distance were shops, restaurants and lots of little touristy things to do.

Exploring the expansive markets and indulging in delicious Mexican food was the perfect way to start this trip. The sun was shining, and the breezy air was the perfect atmosphere for the marketplace, a mix between overly polished Mexican street vendors and plaques indicating the oldest banks and school buildings.

Sipping prickly pear lemonade toward the end of our jaunt. 

That evening, we went out to dinner. Adventuring continued the next evening when we all went out to dinner to Duke’s, named for Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic swimming and water polo medalist and the father of modern surfing. The upstairs balcony overlooked La Jolla Cove, and finally got to see the west coast sunset of my dreams.

We thought we weren’t going to see this because of the clouds, and just as we were about to give up, the sun dipped below the clouds for this amazing sun set. 

I personally found it hysterical that the four of us, with our varying tastes and wants out of meals, all managed to order the exact same dinner:

Chef’s Cheeseburger, with a gluten free bun. Came with arugula, brie, and bacon jam. Delicious!

We didn’t get to explore La Jolla Cove that much that evening, but on our final night there, we raced to the cove to catch the waning daylight hours to visit the sea lions and dip our toes in the water.

The water was so cold, but absolutely magnificent.
In pacific 2
My coworker caught this one, one of many, or my running in and out of the water and shrieking with delight. I think this was the best part of our trip. 

The water was so blue, and while the entire cove smelled pungently of sea lion poo, it didn’t really matter. I had far too much fun in this cove. While my dad says that I have visited this cove before, I don’t remember it, so this is my first real time putting my feet in the pacific, and for this, I am so lucky.

I recorded a little video of the sea lions that you can watch here, so you can enjoy the cove and not the smell.

This trip was such an absolute blast, and I hope I get the opportunity to go again.

Have you been to the La Jolla/San Diego area? Is there anywhere I should bump to the top of my list the next time I’m there? Let me know in comments!


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