Thank You Carmilla

Season three of Carmilla just ended, and it was amazing. I am not going to spoil it for your in this post(though maybe go watch season three first before reading), but I do want to say thank you to the little web series that could.

Thank you for including a non binary character from the get go.

Thank you for taking criticism from the first season regarding casting and including people of color in following seasons.

Thank you for writing dynamic, interesting girls and women who kick ass, take names, and have real human emotions.

Thank you for portraying guilt, heartbreak, longing, lust, fear and anger so beautifully.

Thank you for the pop culture jokes.

Thank you for being like Buffy, but also not being like Buffy.

Thank you for queer characters who get their happily ever after.

Thank you for taking risks.

Thank you for leather pants, and tardis mugs, and “so, you’re a giant black cat.”

Thank you for making me laugh and cry.

Thank you for everything.

I said a few weeks ago prior to it airing that I was going to recap the series. I recapped the last season and season zero, so it seemed like a perfect fit. But the second I started watching, I just wanted to watch it. Not write or critique, but watch the way I’d watched and fallen in love with season one.

I am so grateful this exists. I am so grateful to have been introduced to a dynamic group of actors who are charming and delightful all over social media. But mostly I am grateful that I could watch a show and enjoy it. I could see myself on screen, be inspired, and genuinely enjoy something.

And this is not goodbye, which is what I am most grateful for. We get a movie, we get it soon, and it’s going to be good, I can feel that in my bones.

Thank you, as always, for reading. What were your thoughts on season three?


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