New Years Resolutions for 2017-Year Long Projects

Dear Reader, this is the year I am going to actually manage to keep my resolutions. I have tried the “don’t break the chain” charts and the personal accountability bits, but this year, I think I’ve found something I love:

This is partially based on the Happiness Project(are you shocked? I’m shocked), partially my own methodology, and a partial understanding of what works for me. I need accountability, small goals, and reachable break downs. So I’m sharing here some of the more overarching things that are less based on my daily sticker charts(which I am planning to go into in the near future):

  • Send Birthday Cards: Not to everyone I know, but my closest friends, mentors and colleagues. I love sending and receiving mail, and what better way to show someone I care than this gesture?
  • Use up post-it notes: This seems like such an odd resolution, but I have 1000 mini post it notes and unless I make a considerable effort to use them up, I never will. So it’s going to be a year long project to actually get this done
  • Eat healthier and exercise: I feel like this is on everyone’s new years resolutions, but I really, genuinely need to do this. I have this broken down to every day and every week, but I want to put the effort into this.
  • Volunteer: I hate to put a number on it, because I think doing good shouldn’t be a numbers game, but I want to at least volunteer 100 hours this year.
  • Read: I read 30ish books this year, and I think I can do 50. So let’s try for 50.
  • Lower my Environmental Impact: Plastic bags and straws are terrible for the planet and sea animals, so I am working on living my values this year and am going to do better at bringing tupperware to restaurants, not using disposable straws, and bringing reusable shopping bags with me to the store.

That’s really it for overall goals for the year, but this doesn’t go over month to month resolutions(which will be detailed in a different post), as well as what I refer to as “Daily’s.” These posts will be coming to you at some point soon, so keep an eye on this space.

What are your new years resolutions? Let me know in a comment below?


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