May 2017- Resolutions

I am a “manage what you measure” kind of gal. I think I always have been, and just didn’t know it until that phrase came to me.

This year has already become kind of chaotic. I worked an election cycle, I got a new job, I started a new relationship, and I’ve been running all over Florida for work related trips. I barely have had the time to read, write, or blog.

I love blogging. It’s something that makes me happy and makes me feel like I am putting my work out there, even if no one is really reading it. For a long time, I wanted this blog to be about writing advice, then about books, then about little travel bits, and honestly, I am not qualified to talk about any of that.

And as I’ve gotten older and more introspective, I don’t really have a desire to talk about my personal life. I have jobs I am passionate about, but don’t want to put out there for the internet to scrutinize, and my relationship is profoundly personal. I have lost the voyeurism of youthful expression. I used to have a Tumblr where I posted so much in the way of personal stories and rants, and now, I want to quiet that down and keep those things to myself.

What I do keep wanting to talk about are books, because I love them, and my resolutions. I am always one for seeking personal growth, and part of that growth has been making and trying to keep resolutions.

May is going to be a quiet enough month where I can do small things and manage some resolutions, similar to what I wrote about in the beginning of this year.

So here they are:

  • I want to write a blog post on every odd day this month
  • I want to go to the gym on every even day this month
  • I want to finish a draft of my novel(I started this in December, and have been in a state of not writing for months. I have about twenty thousand more words to go)
  • I want to finish the scarf I started in December and haven’t yet finished.
  • I want to read two books. That doesn’t mean I won’t read more, but at a minimum, two books.

I tend to get busy and lose the bits of myself I want to improve upon. I like blogging, and going to the gym and writing, but I have to make time for these things and use my time effectively and usefully. And I’ve mostly been too exhausted from all the running around to really find improvement in myself.

I’m going to talk on the third about my theme for the year, and some of what that means for me. In the mean time, here is a picture of a massive iguana I saw in Broward county a few weeks ago:


That’s all for now!


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