“Growth” is a really subjective way of introspection. How much you “grow” cannot be measured in the way that some things can. I cannot measure my growth as a person by how much money I make, or weight lost, or anything numerical.

Growth, for me, has meant defining who I am and how I want to spend my life. Growth has meant shedding the people who don’t value myself or my work, and prioritizing the people I do.

It means keeping and maintaining habits and taking every day and every moment as a new start and as a place to start over. Wherever I am, at whatever time, I am at the right place to begin.

Growing for me has meant saying yes, and saying no. Saying yes to the things I value, and saying no to being overburdened with things that won’t let me shine.

I had a friend who recently acknowledged that she has seen me grow. She tagged me in a facebook meme, identifying a friend who loves, who laughs, etc. She tagged me under growth. This must have been a few months ago, but it’s been profound. I met this friend three years and a lifetime ago. I met her when I was an undergraduate who was barely functioning in the world. I wanted to be so much more than I was then. And I couldn’t see it over the last several years, but I’d been changing before her eyes.

I’ve done things I am confident in, and things I’m not so confident in. I’ve defied convention, walked off the path, and enjoyed myself far more than I ever have before.

Am I still, inherently, innately, the same? Sure. I love reading and writing, and I spend my free time volunteering. I’m still not the sort to enjoy drinking, or going out super late. But I prioritize things in a way I wasn’t otherwise doing, and for this, I am grateful.

On Friday, I’m going to be writing about what I am planning on reading this month(I know, a little late in the month, but so be it)



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