Resolution Revamp

My best of intentions often go horribly wrong. At the beginning of this month, I made some resolutions, and while we aren’t at the end of the month, I am at a point where I am frustrated with myself. So I want to go over where I went wrong, and figure out how I can fix things:

Exercise every other day: I did do this, for the most part, and have injured myself. I currently am sitting with my feet bandaged because I worked out way too hard one day and tore the muscles near my ankles. I didn’t know one could do such a thing on the elliptical, but apparently, you can. I feel silly for having done this, so next month, I’m going to need to figure out how to revamp this goal so I don’t hurt myself.

Blog every other day: I don’t have enough to talk about to do this. I don’t have enough introspection about books and writing that doesn’t sneak its way into advice, and I am not qualified to advise people on much of anything. I also don’t read enough books to write about books consistently, and I don’t have a desire to talk about work. I really enjoyed writing about my trip to La Jolla, and I want to do more of that, but travel blogging is an expensive wormhole (though you’ll probably read about future adventures later this year).

Read two books this month: well, I’m halfway there. I read Big Magic earlier this month, and I’d like to read one more book. I am thinking it’s going to be “My life in France” by Julia Child, or Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. Both of them are overdue at the library, so I might as well read them.

Finish the draft of my novel: Sigh. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I can’t finish this. My days are sort of an unstructured mess, and trying to add structure doesn’t genuinely help. I should track the number of hours I spend not writing my novel, but that seems like an excellent way to feel miserable all the time, and that’s not how I want to live my life.

Finish my scarf: This may happen. I’ve made considerable progress, so at this point, I might actually get to this one.

I have blogged and exercised more this month, and read a book, which I feel is half way there on some of my goals.

I am going to experiment next month with a new approach to these resolutions. I have learned over the last two weeks however, that it is easier to abstain from a behavior than to try to make myself do something, so that might get incorporated next month.

Do you have any monthly goals you are going to have to revamp? Let me know in a comment below.

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