How I Set Goals

I am a goal setter. I do what I can to achieve these goals, but as I have made these goals, I’ve noticed what has worked and what really doesn’t. I posted a list of goals yesterday and while a couple of them are vague because of the internet, but most follow the following rules. These are the tests I put my goals up to before I put pressure on myself to achieve it.

Achievable: I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turn 25. This list did not include outlandish things such as buying a house. I could, technically do this, but they aren’t achievable before I turn 25. I want to achieve my goals, and part of that means knowing my limitations and making goals that are appropriate for my age and stage in life.

Realistic:  I will not, and never will be an astronaut. I want to do this, it’d be a cool thing to do, but I have ZERO aptitude for math and science, and frankly, it’d be a waste of mine and everyone else’s time for me to attempt to achieve this goal. This isn’t a realistic goal for me. I must make choices that are going to be realistic for me and for the life that I lead.

In my Control: I can’t say that I want a publishing deal by the time I turn 25. I cannot say I will be a published author by the time I turn 25. I cannot control the market, the industry, the publishing world and publishing trends. I can only control what is in front of me. I can write my book, edit it to the best of my ability. Those things are in my control.

How do you set goals for yourself? Let me know in a comment below.

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