24 things I want to do before I turn 25

I make a lot of promises to myself, but this year, I have 24 things I want to do that are long term projects. Some of these things will require personal time and labor, but I only have this one life (I say this, even though I believe in reincarnation…moving on). So here are 24 things I want to accomplish before I turn 25.

  1. Visit Ohio to meet an Internet friend
  2. Volunteer once a week
  3. Finish the draft of this novel
  4. Edit said draft of said novel
  5. Pitch
  6. Not accrue any library fines
  7. Rework my closet
  8. Work out an exercise plan I can stick to
  9. Find a meal plan that I can stick to
  10. Move out
  11. Read 24 fiction books
  12. Watch 24 new movies
  13. Find a new “go to” series that I enjoy
  14. Play more chess.
  15. Finish the 3 pending crochet project I have
  16. Find and organize my collections
  17. Clean and organize my living space
  18. Find long term solutions to ongoing problems
  19. Blog more (August, every day, 3 times a week otherwise)
  20. Learn a new skill to put on my resume
  21. Update my Linkden
  22. Work to manage my time online better
  23. Put more effort into my blog(I realize this sounds the same as 19, but this one is more centered on updating the theme, creating new pages, etc)
  24. Donate more.

I want to write corresponding blog posts as I accomplish these things, or at the very least cross them out. This is a living list, and I want to interact with it every few days at least. In the meantime, these things are at the forefront of my mind. As I try things, work to make changes in my life, and move forward, I’ll document these things here.

Do you have birthday resolutions? Let me know in a comment below.

I’m blogging every day in August to celebrate my birthday! You can follow me on twitter to keep up @MehekNaresh

1 thought on “24 things I want to do before I turn 25”

  1. I never thought of birthday resolutions. How cool! I’m currently in the process of number 17 – haha. Definitely love donate more, that’s something I always want to do. Wishing you well with these!

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