Birthday Traditions

Today is my birthday, and I am turning 24 today. Twenty-three has been a long year, and after a year of career setbacks and steps forward and lots of driving, I am ready for my own little birthday traditions to start off a new year.

I celebrate my own birthday in a few ways. Friends, significant others, and family might be busy, or not live up to expectations, but my expectations for myself can make my birthday great. I am not disparaging those who love me. There are some years I am spoiled rotten and am surrounded by love, but other years, I can hold these traditions true to my heart and rely on that.

Getting myself presents: This might be sad to some, but to me, I know what I like. Often, the things that I want aren’t things I can easily ask for. I can order these things for myself, and find fulfillment in giving those things to myself. This year, I got myself two Disney pins, a card game, and a book. That might not sound like much, but these are things I will truly enjoy, and I can look back on and say I got them for myself.

Volunteer: I’m a pretty active volunteer with an organization that works with kids with life threatening illnesses. Even though I may not be able to volunteer on my birthday itself, I can give back in a small way sometime around my birthday in a way that makes me happy. It fills me with such job to do this, and doing this renews my sense of purpose every year.

Seeing my High School Friends: I try to see my high school friends more than just on my birthday, but often, that is the only time where it is imperative that we see each other. Sometimes it’s for dinner, sometimes it’s for hours spent at our family pool, and sometimes, it’s playing card games in my living room until 3am. But at least once a year, I see these people I adore.

Donate: Donating money always gives me a “feel good” feeling, and what better way to start off a new year of life than to give. I donate the amount of money consistent with my age (so this year, $24) to my favorite charity, which makes me happy, and does some good for the world.

Do you have personal traditions for your birthday? Do you celebrate yourself, or do you plan things out with people? Let me know in a comment below.

I’m blogging every day in the month of August to celebrate my birthday. You can follow along on twitter by following me @MehekNaresh.

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