Birthdays as Beginnings

I’ve talked before about how trying to be the best version of myself was burning me out, and this is still accurate. Having an overwhelming list of things to do everyday to be the “best” is a great way to become disenchanted with self improvement. But birthdays can be a great way to start anew.

I mentioned that it was my birthday yesterday, and after a 48 hour migraine spell, dinner with family, and answering all the happy birthday messages left for me on Facebook, I wanted to see how I could use my birthday as a beginning.

Most people use new years as a fresh start for new habits and gearing up a way to change. This often means buying out all the green juice at the grocery store and going to the gym during the most overcrowded time of the year. Fun fact, 85% of gym memberships go completely unused after the initial first week.

But birthdays mark the start of your year. My year starts for me on August 2nd, and I get to spend the whole year growing, changing and improving.

I did a lot of things to grow when I was 24. I handled challenging work situations. I balanced two jobs. I managed a relationship. I hit the milestone of being at a job the longest I’ve ever been. I read more, and I blogged more(though not enough). I traveled internationally for the first time as an adult.

I did so many amazing things at 24. And I want to do more at 25. So here are 5 things I want to do over the next year. These aren’t concrete objectives, but more value based goals:

  1. Stop Complaining: I talked about in my “25 things I learned when I was 24” post that complaining about work makes me a dull person. I don’t want people to know me for complaining, even when the situation does call for a good old “complain-fest.” There are places to put that, like a personal journal, which means I’m not spreading my personal misery out into the world.
  2. Explore Faith: I have come to a crossroads in faith where I don’t know where I am going to land yet. I’ve started something new recently that I am not ready to fully dive into, but I want to spend this year exploring more of that part of my life.
  3. Take Time for the Personal: I need to stop treating my life like a rush. I run through drive through’s, speed down roads, crash into bed at 2am without taking my make up off, and just generally don’t take care of myself in an effort to “maximize productivity.” All I’m really doing is making things harder for myself, not easier.
  4. Log Off: I love social media, but I think I’m a little addicted to it. The number of times my girlfriend has gotten frustrated with me because I’m not paying attention to what she’s saying because I’m staring at Instagram is shameful.
  5. Schedule: All of the things above lead me to one thing: scheduling. I have multiple jobs and projects going at any given time, and because all of them are “flexible” this means that I have a free flowing life. I need to schedule more, every day, because otherwise I lose days and weeks of my life to scrolling and watching Youtube videos.

Now tell me about you: Do you use birthdays as a new beginning? Are you more of a new years person? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to talk to you!

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Thank you for reading!


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