Potting Soil

I didn’t know my life could hold such great a joy.

After a trip to Michael’s, acquiring 6 small terra cotta pots, my girlfriend and I sat at her kitchen table on a quiet Saturday afternoon. I have gifted her many a cactus seed in the short time that we have been dating, and now is the time to sew them into soil.

So we sat, paint brushes in hand, quietly chatting, listening to a radio show she loves and wanted to share, while we painted. This project continued well across the weekend, being picked up the next day.

And I think what is most lovely about this is how simple it was. Some flower pots, some paint, and a quiet afternoon. We didn’t have to be doing something big or out to be enjoying ourselves.

My life is complicated. Things whirl around and around and I don’t ever feel like I stop. But with her, time stands still. I can be calm. And it’s such a wonderful feeling.

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