On My Radar #2

Things that are happening on the internet, curated for you here, by me. Let’s get into it:

Mara Wilson’s book, “Where Am I Now?” came out this past week, and she has done many an interview on topics she covers in the book. My favorite of these interviews comes from Autostraddle, where she chats about sexuality, identity, and her first crush.  I’ve been a fan of Wilson’s for a while, and I am excited for the amount of buzz that has surrounded this book.

Stacy London on what came after What Not to Wear: I loved watching What Not to Wear as a kid, and while my fashion sense swung wildly in a thousand different directions over the years, I’ve always been a fan of Stacy London. The show ended years ago, and London’s article this week talks about what it means to age with fashion, how she’s changed, and a little bit about her life now. I love that as she’s gotten older, she’s stopped caring what people think and is embracing what makes her feel stylish. This article is a delight, especially if you were a fan of the show.

Finally, Moana, Disney’s upcoming Christmas blockbuster, has an official trailer, and the animation looks stunning, and this very much looks like what Brave could have been if it hadn’t been a jumbled mess. I can’t wait to see this!

That’s what’s been on my radar this week. What exciting tidbits have you found on the internet?

Let me know in a comment below.


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