Daring Greatly: Hearing vs. Listening

I love audio books, and have been attempting to get into Brene Brown’s books for a while, so when I saw Daring Greatly on Hoopla Digital, I snatched it up. But here’s how this reading experience is different from others.

At the time, I was in the midst of the busiest time of my then job, and was racing around town running errands, answering emails, and working. I had so much on my mind, that when I started listening to Daring Greatly, I couldn’t process what I was experiencing.

I have never had this happen with a book before. Usually, if I am not interested, I’ll set the book down, start it over, or just never finish it.

But I plowed through, getting to the end of this book and realizing I had no idea what I had listened to. I was hearing the words, but now absorbing them.

I want to re-read the book, but I am stuck with feeling like I didn’t care enough about it to try again, yet knowing I want the information that is coming out of it.

My question for you today is, have you read a book and not absorbed it? And what are your thoughts on Brene Brown?


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