Books I’m Not Finishing

I have such good intentions of finishing the books I start. I love starting books, but the ability to finish them often requires me to plow through a sense of dread I have regarding the latter half of the book. Here are three books I started this year, and am probably not going to finish.

Carol/ The Price of Salt: After the adaptation of The Price of Salt, Carol, was lauded as an incredible film through most of 2015, I was somewhat eager to read the book. I hadn’t watched the film, and had consistently confused the book with another book called The Book of Salt, which I half read for a class I took in college. I borrowed the audiobook and started in, and while I was enjoying it, I got about four hours in and simply couldn’t get myself to keep listening. I think I need to watch the movie, then go back to the book, but the anxiety of thinking something terrible will happen to the two main characters(even though I know it won’t) is too great to bear in book form.

A Dog’s Purpose: Another book that is being adapted to film later this year. This book follows the soul of a dog who lives a life, dies, and is reborn in two different incarnations throughout the story. I got through the first half of this book before I got bored of it. I love dogs, but have never had one, and all this book has taught me is that I never want to have to train a puppy. I don’t think I am the target demographic on this one

Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of your Fist: Imagine if Occupy Wall Street, the current conversation on police brutality, and Catcher in the Rye had a baby. That’s what this book is. The writing is gripping, the story is interesting…and I really hate split perspective books. The book is so fascinating, and I want to finish it, but it takes so much mental energy to remember what is going on with everyone at any given time.

Keep in mind that I want to finish all of these books, but for a variety of reasons, I feel like I just can’t. Maybe one day I will pick them back up and love them dearly. I certainly loved the first half of each of these stories.

What books have you started this year, but haven’t been able to finish? Let me know in a comment below.


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