Guest Post: Jennifer Lee Rossman on Editing an Anthology for the First Time

In anticipation and excitement for Love and Bubbles, an anthology featuring LGBTQ+ stories from under the sea, I have a treat for my blog readers. Jennifer Lee Rossman is the co-editor for the anthology, and she has previously been featured on this blog talking about a story she wrote for a different anthology, and I am excited to feature her again on my blog. So take it away Jennifer, on your first experience editing an anthology:

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Cover Reveal: Love and Bubbles, an anthology of queer underwater love stories

I’m excited to be part of the team revealing the cover for Love and Bubbles, which I have been jazzed about since the editors put out a call for submission. I’ll have a review out on Wednesday, the day before the launch, but in the interim, take a look at this gorgeous cover!

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Reading Paper Towns as Historical Fiction

I am a massive John Green fan. From his videos to books to his podcasts, I love the things he creates and the work he does career wise as well as to improve the world. However, I hadn’t read Paper Towns, his third novel, until literally an hour ago, and I have some capital “O” opinions about the book.  Continue reading “Reading Paper Towns as Historical Fiction”

Memoir, not a Guide: How to Fall in Love with Anyone

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, my library had a table of books for “singles, ready to mingle.” As cringe worthy as that is, I perused, finding Mandy Len Catron’s book, How to Fall in Love with Anyone. I remember reading Catron’s New York Times piece, the most clicked of 2015, and figured this book was worth a shot.

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What I Read This Month: January 2018

By some miracle, I read four books this month. It wasn’t all that hard, but I made time to read, made it happen, and occasionally, forced myself to read. I found that I like reading physical copies of books that are fiction, and listening to self-help, and when I deviate from that, I end up frustrated. But anyway, here are some mini reviews of what I read this month:

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24 Books that Changed My Life

The books that change you, that stick with you and cling hard to your ribs bury themselves deep inside, manifesting lessons and bringing forth a burst of understanding you wouldn’t otherwise understand. These are the books that are under my skin, for good, forever. These are not just my favorite books. My favorites can include romantic beach reads, weird meditations on public policy, and comic collections, but what is different about these books are the lessons that stick with me, the memories attached, and the way these books affect my perception of the world and my outlook on life.

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Book Thoughts: Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

I love Elizabeth Gilbert. I love her a stupid amount. The critical backlash after the success of Eat, Pray, Love is by far one of the most fascinating things I’ve witnessed when it comes to modern non-fiction, but her work continues to speak to me in the weirdest and most wonderful ways.

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An Affair With Non-Fiction

I found myself over the last several days on so many planes. I flew to and from California, and because I flew Delta, I had access to a wide array of movies. However, I wanted to get a little reading done, and, remembering my resolutions, knew that the long hours would be a good time to make it happen.

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Book Thoughts Vs. Book Review

Dear Reader, I think I have made a grave mistake in making these two separate categories, but I did want to explain the logic behind why I do what I do (especially after posting 8 book reviews in a row from 2015, having some new followers, and a plan to post a couple new book thoughts in the near future).

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Everything I Read in 2016

Dear Reader, I should add to my New Years Resolutions a plan to keep up with my GoodReads account. Because this year, I read quite a few books, and I should probably organize them…somehow. I read 34 books this year, which is WAY UP from the 7 I read in 2015, and that’s something to be proud of. I don’t have dates for when I read these books, but I started reading this year around April, and read pretty consistently after that. So let’s get into it:

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