Book Thoughts Vs. Book Review

Dear Reader, I think I have made a grave mistake in making these two separate categories, but I did want to explain the logic behind why I do what I do (especially after posting 8 book reviews in a row from 2015, having some new followers, and a plan to post a couple new book thoughts in the near future).

So the basics of a book review are what you see on a lot of blogs. A summary of the plot, take aways, good/bad/ugly analysis, a star review, some injection of personal likes and dislikes. My book reviews are like this, and I tend to review fiction this way…for the most part.

Sometimes, the fiction book that I am reading warrants a “book thoughts” approach. By this I mean, an analysis with in the context of culture and sociology. I review books whether I like them or dislike them, but usually do so when I feel strongly in one way or another. I write a “Book thoughts” post when I want to dissect a book in comparison to others in a genre, comment on the context it was written in.

In touching on fiction, I don’t feel like reviewing non-fiction, unless it’s particularly egregious, is helpful to the readers of this blog. Like, I’ll always write a short summary of the book in my book thoughts, but detailing what a non-fiction book is aiming for isn’t necessarily helpful. I would rather write about what the book evoked. Sometimes, with memoir, that’s emotion, and other times, with project non-fiction, that’s a new way of thinking.

Overall, I want to grow this blog into both a creative outlet for myself, and a place where people can also share their ideas in the comments. And I want to do that by doing more.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, thank you. I’d love to hear from all of you in the comments: Why do you read this blog, and other book/writing blogs?


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