June 2017 Resolutions: Healthy Habits

So my May resolutions fell apart for a variety of reasons, and as I venture into a VERY BUSY June, I want to manage my time better than I have before. So without further ado, I present June:

My May resolutions were quantifiable, but left me with major gaps where I felt overwhelmed. I’ve found for me, it’s easier to not do something than to do something.

So June will be more measured, and focused on training my body to keep healthy habits.

  1. Go to bed before midnight: I’ve recently gotten into the terrible habit of going to bed at 2am, and waking up closer to 10am, which makes me feel lethargic and unhappy. I don’t want to go to sleep too early(I used to go to bed through most of high school and college at around 10pm), because I want to:
  2. Get up around 8am: 8 gives me enough morning hours to get things done, and I feel more productive being up at that hour.
  3. Get ready, properly ready, by 9am: Because I work from home, I can lounge around in my pajamas until 4 in the afternoon, and no one is going to see me. However, I prefer to be up and dressed, and I am more productive when I shower and put make up on. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I just have to be functionally ready.
  4. At the very minimum, open my manuscript every day: This doesn’t seem lofty, or even productive, but for me, the biggest step is starting. And if I can open the document, I’m bound to write at least a little bit.
  5. Read 30 minutes a day: Last month, I made the resolution to read two books, and I read one. Reading two books is a good idea, but it won’t happen unless I give myself a time frame.

I am also trying to avoid ice cream and soda. I find it easier to just not have these things than to make the decision to have them when I’m out. I found a lot of success with that from the middle of May on, and I’m hoping to continue that.

I’m making a chart to see if that helps me manage this month as well.

This month is going to be BUSY: I have trips to Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, and Chicago planned, plus a work conference and all sorts of fun work things. I am excited to take you all along for the ride.

Do you have any resolutions for June? Let me know in a comment below.


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