20 for 2020

Hello! It’s been a while. I’m sorry. I’ve had a busy year and transitioned careers, but this year should be much less chaotic. I mean, I’m staring grad school, so who knows how far this will go, but my goal…well, let’s get in to my 20 goals for 2020.

As cribbed from Gretchen Rubin’s “19 for 2019” list, basically, the idea is to make a list of concrete tasks and resolutions for the upcoming year. This can be anything from “find the perfect purse” to “walk 20 minutes every day”(one of the goals Gretchen is touting for the coming year).

Here is my list of 20 for 2020:


  • 1. Walk 2 miles(20 minutes) every day.
  • 2. Journal every day.
  • 3. Use “Noom” every day(I paid for a yearly subscription 2 months ago, and have hardly used it).
  • 4. Open my novel document every day(I don’t have to necessarily write, but I at least have to open the document).


  • 5. Read 52 books(1 per week).
  • 6. Try 1 new recipe each week.
  • 7. Write a blog post once a week.


  • 8. Learn to use my oven and bake something for the office once a month.
  • 9. Taper down therapy to once every other month.
  • 10/11. Go to the beach or camping once a month.


  • 12. Run a 5k.
  • 13. Frame posters and put up decor.
  • 14. Take 4 classes for my degree.
  • 15. Crochet 6 small projects for next Christmas.
  • 16. Save $XXXX(I’m not comfortable saying an exact amount, but it’s part of my goals).
  • 17. Visit my best friend in NYC.
  • 18. Replace all of our cat furniture.
  • 19. Build a healthier relationship with social media.
  • 20. Find a meaningful way to give back again.

I have meaningful plans for each of these, and some of these goals interlock with each other(such as walking 2 miles a day and running a 5k). All I know is, I want to be farther along with the things I want in life than where I am now.

Are you doing a “20 for 2020” list? Do you have any goals you have for the new year?

Let me know in a comment below, and I’ll write to you soon!



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