Book Review: Untamed, by Glennon Doyle

I purchased this book as a treat to myself. I have followed Glennon Doyle for a while on Instagram, and have read of her heartache in her previous books.

I share some of the same ache that Doyle has: battling mental health and eating disorder struggles, and while I do not share her struggle in her marriage and children, Doyle’s words have been a balm to an often weary soul.

Doyle outlines in this book freeing herself: untaming herself from heterosexuality, perfection parenting, religious misogyny and other societal tethers that can drag ones self down. Ultimately, this book is about how Glennon worked through the hard things, learned to trust her gut, and became who she is.

With a writing style of short paragraphs, interspersed poetry, varying strategies, and a nonlinear style, Doyle’s book sucks you in and makes you pay attention. To the little and big details, to the cries for help and the moments of triumph, Glennon doesn’t let you whither away into your own nothingness. She demands that you listen and hear and learn.

And that is exactly what I loved.

I have read in other reviews that Doyle came off in this book like she knows everything and can overcome anything. Confidence is valuable, but her tone didn’t strike me that way. I simply read this book as a woman who had overcome, shown strength and grit, and was telling us about what she did and how she did it. Reading this book, I felt seen in my own struggle, and valued her having the courage to share.

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