Dear Reader,

It’s my birthday. As I have often promised and tried, with a lack of success, I have tried to update this blog regularly and have failed miserably. Not for lack of trying, but by prioritizing things that don’t matter, and not prioritizing my own goals.

A few things have happened since we last spoke:

  • I started graduate school in earnest, perusing my masters degree in what I hope will be my career field for the rest of my life.
  • We got a second cat, who is a ball of beloved energy.
  • My partner and I got engaged after three years of dating.

And of course, all of the news at the local, national, and international levels have happened in a way that makes in difficult to enjoy things. As I write this, Tropical Storm Isaias is climbing the east coast, and we are a few short days away from the nation sending its children back to school during a pandemic. Life is hard right now.

I am celebrating my birthday with the knowledge that I have a ton of privilege. I am employed and quarantined with the love of my life. I have friends who have the good sense to want to hang out over zoom and not in person. I have a lot of projects to work on, and I am not easily bored.

But while we are inside more, and as my birthday has rolled around again, I have wanted to write. So I can promise you writing. I cannot promise much else.

Do let me know what you are up to while social distancing, and do leave book recommendations in the comments, I’d love to know what you’re reading.



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