Top 10 Favorite Youtubers

I wanted to make this list primarily so that whomever is reading this blog gets a feel for who I am as a person moreso than just the little stories I post about my life. There will be a little story later though!

In reverse order…

10. Katytastic

Kat is a 25(ish) year old booktuber(A youtuber who primarily vlogs about books) who has a really strong presence on the booktube community. She is relatively popular and is really vibrant in her videos. She’s loud, bubbly, her editing is always on point, and in general, she is just entertaining to watch. She also does NANOWRIMO updates, which are fun to watch and quite interesting, and since I am hoping to do it this year and blog about it, I like having that kinship to her. 

9. TamashiiHiroka

Tamashii started off as a Pokemon vlogger who would adapt and manipulate the games so she could follow her own story. Right now, her work mainly consists of history, game mechanics, top ten lists, and all things having to do with Pokemon. I have been OBSESSED with Pokemon since I was quite young, and her informative videos have helped me quite a bit in my training.

8. PolandbananaBOOKS/ Polandbananas20

Okay, so this person has two channels, and as a result, I am just sticking her stuff together. This will come up again later on in this list. SO Christine is a lively, overly passionate booktuber who is really quite ridiculous. She hosts videos called “BookTalks” where she discusses her feelings on books she’s read, and honestly, the way she talks and vlogs is hilarious.

7. How to Cook That

Ann is an Australian mom who shows the internet how to make interesting and impressive cakes. Her videos are captivating, interesting, and always have a “wow” factor to them. I am really into baking, and as a result, I tend to go to her for a lot of helpful advice. 

6. The Brain Scoop

So, this is an odd one. A vegetarian who watches videos on taxidermy…yup. That is exactly what this channel is about. Emily is a curator at the Chicago Field Museum, and this series follows her adventures in dissecting and cleaning animal remains, doing research, and educating the public. 

5. Bryarly Bishop

I found Bryarly, and the person after her, oddly enough through their boyfriends. Bryarly was at one point dating Charlie McDonald, a rather popular UK youtuber, and while they have since broken up and I no longer watch Charlies videos, I still watch and keep up with Bryarly. She’s snarky, musically talented, and does a lot of different stuff on her channel rather than stick to one singular thing. 

4. It’sWayPastMyBedtime

There is a weird subset of youtubers that you find because they are friends with other youtubers, and Carrie is no exception. Currently playing Eponine in the London West End, Carrie is a vlogger who simply makes short videos about life lessons. They’re quite charming, very sweet, and honestly, she adds a bit of happy to your day.

3. Chescaleigh/Chescalocs

Franchesca Ramsey is probably best known for her “Shit white girls say to black girls” video that aired last year. She is always spot on with political commentary, and she does it in a way that isn’t threatening and is really funny. I have also included her locs channel because I love watching her do her hair/makeup tutorials despite the fact that I don’t have dreads. 

2. BitsandClips

Marie is a mom vlogger. That’s it. She talks about her kids and her family and her home life, and that is really it. I don’t really know why I love watching her videos so much…I think it’s because Marie has a wonderful, giving personality and despite all of the bad things that have happened in regards to her and her family these past couple years, she is still super happy and sunshiney all the time. 

1. MarinaShutUp

Marina is…imagine if the entire amount of sarcastic empathy of the internet was combined into a living human girl who goes to community college. Her vlogs are witty and quite hilarious, and her dry humor is very much something I can get behind. 

So that’s it. Someone is going to ask why I didn’t include any men in my “top 10”. Honestly, I had to narrow this down from a list of 16, and none on that list were guys. I do watch male youtubers(the vlogbrothers, asapscience, etc), they just aren’t my personal favorites.

I hope this gives some insight into my interests and I will talk to you all tomorrow!

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