Welcome Home

So I have moved out of my apartment in the town that I live in for college and to the state capital 2 hours away. Due to having nothing in this town except for a suitcase filled with clothes, I don’t really have a desire to spend time in my old apartment. I stay with friends in the same complex when I am here. 

Full disclosure, one of these friends is my significant other(SO). My SO had to go do things that I could not attend, so I had to head home. They then texted one of their roommates to let me in, which he did. 

“Hey, Welcome Home!”

Home. It’s a weird concept. All my life, growing up, my house was not my home. I lived a life knowing I would leave and not come back. And then I moved. And my apartment wasn’t home. I had hostile roommates who made me feel uncomfortable about a lot of my life choices, and I simply wasn’t happy. My next set of room mates were quite messy, and I don’t care for them much.

My roommates in my new town are very nice, don’t get me wrong, but I have known them for three weeks. 

My SO’s roommates have accepted me into their life and make me feel welcome all the time. I don’t think this is just because they like me, but also because they care a lot for my SO.

I feel home here. 

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