Coming Up

In January of this year, the publication I worked for closed it’s doors, not even publishing the works that were in the queue. Small online only magazines close all the time. I have been involved in four such publications that closed their doors.

Small, independent online publishing is really hard. You need a dedicated group of people to bring their time and talent to the table for very little money and a lot of personal sacrifice. Sometimes, these projects that start as a labor of love build a loyal audience and grow. Other times, like the places I have worked with, people get busy, money runs out, and the publication closes it’s doors.

The work I was doing for that publication was work I enjoyed. I love writing and having a consistent schedule of output. At one point, I was putting out six articles a week.

I don’t know why I can’t be that consistent here.

I think that part of it is that a lot of what I put out was assigned to me in the past, versus what I have now, where I generate both the idea and the content.

But I do want to write about what I know and love.

So here is the game plan for what is coming up:

On Monday, you will get a random post about a subject of my choosing. Tuesday and Thursday will be, for the time being, Carmilla Recaps, because I loved writing them for the publication I worked for, and I want to keep that up, but integrated with tweets/transmedia/and my own personal opinions. Wednesday will be a book review, either of what I am reading personally, or reviewing a book sent to me for review. And on Friday, I’ll have a link round up for what’s been “On My Radar.”

I am excited for this schedule, and I am looking forward to holding myself accountable for growing this into something I am proud of.

Is there anything you want out of this blog that you are interested in reading? Let me know in a comment below!



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