The last few days have been filled with so many things, and I wanted to share a bit of each here:

Wendy Davis: I had the opportunity to hear Senator Wendy Davis speak live on Friday, and she is an absolute powerhouse of a woman. I had just gotten out of a lunch with a friend who was talking to me about running for office, and I went directly to hearing both Davis and a congressional candidate, Stephanie Murphy, speak. The experience was moving, and being surrounded by so many women who were just as excited and motivated politically as I was gave me a sense of belonging I haven’t felt in a long time.

Birthday Party: Staying in touch with high school friends is tough. I currently am living in the town I grew up in, and I am getting to a point where I have known and continue to hang out with the same friends I had in high school. We’re getting close to the ten year mark with a lot of these people, and I recently went to two separate birthday parties that encompassed two separate friend groups from high school. In years past, we’ve stayed up talking till 2 in the morning, and the parties have been well populated. Maybe it is because we are getting older, or don’t have that much in common anymore, but this year, the parties were both sparsely populated and somehow both over before 11pm.

Funeral: A friend who was the beating heart of the city I lived in for two years passed away suddenly, and on Saturday I drove up to attend the funeral. I didn’t know her very well, but this was a person who was kind, loving, and gave all of herself to causes that mattered. When her mother lead us in singing “You are my sunshine,” I cried. When her friends told stories about her and her spirit, I cried. and to be surrounded by so many people who loved her made the experience surprisingly joy filled.

Job: I have a new job.  It’s similar to the old job, but hopefully a little more structured. I’m excited to start, but terrified I will fail. But that’s how I handle all new experiences. I hope you’ll wish me luck in this.

That’s all for today. A little bit of everything from this weekend, in a single post because there wasn’t enough to say on each bit on its own.

How was your weekend?



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