June 2017 Reads

Vacations, time on the road and general summertime shenanigans can make reading really hard. I would like this month to be filled with reading, and I am hoping my resolution to read 30 minutes a day helps me get back on track.

I haven’t actually been tracking my reads all that much this year. At least, not in the almost obsessive way I did last year. Something about this year is different. I’m happier and don’t need to validate my existence with a number of books.

But these are the books I hope to read this month, in no particular order:

Playing Against the House: the Dramatic World of an Undercover Union Organizer by James D. Walsch: I found this book at a library sale for $5, and it was way up my alley. I have worked as a labor organizer before and loved the work, so I am excited to delve into the world. This non-fiction account is set in Las Vegas, so I am hoping to sit by the pool on vacation and enjoy this read while I’m there.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other lessons from the Crematory, by Caitlin Doughty: I recently found Caitlin’s YouTube channel, and her dedication to the morbid and macabre is absolutely refreshing. I am excited to read this, because it’s non-fiction that isn’t normally in my wheelhouse.

The Difference Between You And Me, by Madeleine George: I am trying to read more young adult fiction, since I am trying to write a young adult novel, and The Difference Between You and Me looks sweet and lovely in a way I wish I could have read this when I was 16. At nearly 24, I think I need this book now just as much as I needed it then.

I also have a couple audio books I’d like to get to that might end up getting listened to as I finish a crochet project or as I am driving. But the hope is for 4 books, and maybe the time away from the daily rut of life and the nature of plane rides will make me want to read.

What are you planning to read this summer? Let me know in a comment below.



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