Don’t Make Fun of Your Dreams

As some of you know, I used to vlog about books on a youtube channel. It was 2014, and I was energized by a new years resolution to vlog twice a week. So I started filming on my computers webcam and editing in Windows Movie Maker. Flash forward two months, and my hard drive is fried and I’m left with a warning that my computer wasn’t able to process that kind of work, and that I needed a more powerful computer to achieve my dreams of YouTube stardom.

I stopped vlogging after that because I couldn’t buy another computer, and life got busy. But lately, in needing a new computer now, I figured now would be the time to buy something that could support that.

I sat down with a tech savvy friend to let her know what I needed and wanted, and she started walking me through camera requirements and editing software.

And as is the case with me, I started making fun of myself.

“I mean, it’s not like anyones really going to watch this.”

“It’d just be a hobby, and an expensive one at that.”

“Just me sitting in front of my camera, talking about books like I matter.”

All of these self deflections, making fun of myself for loving a platform I’m passionate about and have been passionate about six years.

Of course, my friend set me straight.

“Hey, you want to do a thing. Go do the thing you love.”

I’m currently working on getting a new laptop and cell phone to support this dream. The cell phone will allow me to film, and the laptop for editing. I’m looking forward to updated technology, and getting back to doing something I love.

If you’d like to help me get there, consider buying me a ko-fi. Don’t feel obligated, but your help is appreciated.

And what about you, dear reader? What dream do you laugh off? What dream do you have that you think you can’t achieve? Let me know in a comment below.

Much love,



Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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