Things I’m Leaving in 2017

2017 brought out some of the trends of 2016 into full force, and also pushed me to see some of the glaring flaws in all of this. I am always willing to try things, but I have tried these things, and they have got to go. This list also includes some things that I feel like I have been doing wrong. So here are five general things I am leaving in 2017:

Bullet Journaling– Bullet journaling is great for so many people, and has launched tons of content and products, from “plan with me” videos to stickers, pens and specific paraphernalia. But ultimately, this doesn’t work for me. I don’t have the patience for doodling, and a to do list and a calendar ends up working well for me.

Adult Coloring– I hate this trend. I now own many adult coloring books, and no desire to fill them in. They are a waste of my time and energy. If I am going to be artsy, it’s going to be art I enjoy making, not filling in the lines of someone else’s creation.

Gentle Goals– enough of the “I am going to try to eat healthier.” Or “I am going to work on my writing.” Nope. This year, we’re going with hard outlined goals. 52 books a year. Query your book. Whatever. But I am not being gentle with myself this year. I want to accomplish things, and accomplishments mean actions to getting it done.

Forced Reading– No more of “this is what I should be reading because everyone else is reading” or “I shouldn’t read another x book because it isn’t advancing my life.” I am especially guilty of trying to make myself only read books like the book I am writing, because I wanted to find points of comparison. Fair, but I spent a lot of energy on books I didn’t love because of this. I am reading what I want this year.

Unnecessary Spending-I spent so much money for no reason last year. Why did I buy so much Starbucks and eat out so much? Why did I buy random things I don’t need, and make up I don’t use? I am not going on a full buying ban, but I am working on not spending so much this year.

Using Goodreads- I dislike Goodreads. Maybe I am using it wrong, maybe I just don’t like mixing reading with social media, maybe I am just too lazy for another social media platform, but I am not using Goodreads. I am not going to attempt to use Goodreads. And I am going to be okay with that.

That’s it for 2017. Enough of this stuff. On to better habits, a better attitude, and less guilt in 2018. What are you leaving behind in 2017? Let me know in a comment below.


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