Balancing My Goals

The last two weeks have been a challenge. My days have been busy, and I’ve just barely been able to do the deadline based things that I need to accomplish. So here is what I’m working on to try to manage my goals.

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July Game Plan 2018

As my novel has been placed on the back burner for the last several months, I want to seriously dedicate time to it. I haven’t updated my second draft since the beginning of May, which kind of hurts my heart since this was supposed to be “my year” to work on it.

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Things I’m Leaving in 2017

2017 brought out some of the trends of 2016 into full force, and also pushed me to see some of the glaring flaws in all of this. I am always willing to try things, but I have tried these things, and they have got to go. This list also includes some things that I feel like I have been doing wrong. So here are five general things I am leaving in 2017:

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