A Mirror of My Soul: Three Years of Blogging about Writing, and Getting Somewhere

WordPress recently reminded me that I started this blog in September of 2013, and I want to talk today about why I started this blog, for what purpose it continues to serve, and how I continue to push forward.

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YA Trends: The Vegetarian Protagonist

What is a Vegetarian Protagonist?

A protagonist who has little to no character beyond her love interest, and as a result the writer, in an attempt to find something interesting to write about with the character, makes them a vegetarian.

I read two books in a row with this premise, The Fault in our Stars by John Green, and The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs. These books are drastically different in premise. Hazel is a 16 year old cancer patient being kept alive by a drug that generally doesn’t work on other people who falls in love with a cancer survivor. The Dark Heroine is about a 17 year old girl who is kidnapped by vampire royalty after witnessing the murder of 30 people. These books have very little in common besides the fact that the main characters are vegetarians.

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Creating a Culture of Kindness

A lot of people feel like the simple small things don’t make a difference to the world around you. I tend to be someone who thoroughly disagrees with that, even though I am quite cynical to the world around me. Creating a culture of kindness around me has probably been the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m not talking about giving with the expectation of receiving, but rather just giving. If you receive something in return, no matter what it is, then obviously, be grateful, but most certainly don’t expect it. Continue reading “Creating a Culture of Kindness”